Ensemble de départ pour nettoyage de la queue - (Horse spa HSP/016)
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Ensemble de départ pour nettoyage de la queue - (Horse spa HSP/016)

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Now it's possible to have a beautiful, healthy tail all year long with Tail Buckets. 
Easy To use Insert dirty tail into the custom tapered washing bag, securely fastening the Neoprene Anchoring Band around the base of the tail. 
Conserve Water Add a small amount of water to dampen the tail. Water can be redistributed into the tail by tipping the bottom of the bag. 
Shampoo, Condition or color treat. Hair car products are concentrated on the tail working better & fastersaving you both time and money! Add chosen products to the Tail Bucket through the opening at the top. 
NO mess! All products (and water) are contained within the Tail Bucket. Use a fraction of the normal amount needed to deep clean, condition and/or color enhance the tail. 
Stay Dry Friction within the bag will scrub the tail quickly and easily without getting your hands or your horse wet.
No wash rack? No problem - Cold weather and poor wash facilities will never be an obstacle again. No wash rack needed! Wash tails anywhere, without any mess. Drain contents into a bucket or down a drain. 
Rinse and Dry Rinse tail thru the Tail Bucket opening, using the bag as a splash guard. Loosen the Neoprene Anchoring Band and squeegee excess water out, enabling the tail to air dry quickly. 

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