Mors à aiguilles Jointed - (Horze 13065)

Mors à aiguilles Jointed - (Horze 13065)

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Les aiguilles empêchent le filet de glisser dans la bouche du cheval. Il évite ainsi les flottements en exerçant une pression plus forte sur les côtés de la tête du cheval. Les bords arrondis à l'endroit où se rencontrent le canon et les anneaux empêchent les pincements à la commissure des lèvres. Epaisseur 15mm.


This classic bit is a popular hunter/jumper choice.

Long cheek pieces prevent the bit from sliding through the horse's mouth, and help provide lateral guidance by placing more pressure on the sides of the horse's head. Rounded edges where the mouthpiece meets the rings prevent the bit from catching the corners of the mouth. This classic style is popular with many disciplines especially the hunter/jumper and casual English riding crowd.


  • Full cheek style snaffle bit
  • Stainless steel
  • Classic, traditional good looks

Technical description:

Thickness: 15mm.

Washing instructions:

Always wash a bit after each ride. Remove from bridle and soak in hot water. Use small brush to remove residue. Dry with clean towel.

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